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Gametime for Tennessee's First Two Games, Western Kentucky and UCLA

I'm not 100% sure of these because they haven't been publicly announced yet, but I'm close enough to include them here. I believe the correct term is "blog certainty."

The Western Kentucky game is slated for the old hated JP/LF/Raycom 12:30 telecast. Meaning it will be boiling hot on September 5.

Meanwhile the UCLA game, which I'll explain later why I think is the most important game of the season, is set for a 4 eastern kickoff.

That means that Tennessee will move both games from traditional night kickoffs (UT schedules home games in September for night because of the temperature but will adjust for television.)

CBS has already announced the start time for UT-Florida. So all three games will be broiling hot. Meaning the team better be in damn good shape.

Apologies for the vanishing act so far today, I got wrapped up in the US Open and also have been working on a 1,500 word piece about LenDale White's towel-stomping that should go up on FanHouse this afternoon.


Posted by Clay Travis at 3:00 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thought the JP/LF/Raycom was no more. What the duece

June 23, 2009 8:26 AM  

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